User research opens up an understanding of the clients’ needs for product features

Good design is based on real user needs and understanding them. However, understanding the end-user is often not as simple as you might think. The marketer of a product is often an expert in their field, whose perspective is quite different from that of the user. The studying of user needs will find out the natural operating models on the basis of which design work can produce an easy-to-use product.

How is research carried out?

  • By observing users in action. E.g. we are physically in the cabin of a machine in the seat of the co-driver/trainer and are monitoring the work phases. We have been in different operating environments, such as factories, forests and deep within the depths of the earth.
  • By documenting. We take notes, pictures, and videos. Videos can be used to analyse usage situations later on and to make e.g. frequency studies.
  • Interviewing users. Interviews highlight backgrounds and reasons that cannot be understood through just observing or videoing. We often have an idea of the direction in which a product or service can develop through various technologies and manufacturing materials. This way, we can ask the right questions.
  • By involving users. We discuss ideas with users on how things could work better or easier.

With the help of the collected data, we create new solutions that meet the needs. We quickly prepare, e.g., new versions of the control devices. At proto studio, models can be made agilely. Alternatively, we can model a new operating environment or device as a virtual model, making even large entities easy to understand. Users can test and comment on physical or VR models. Such comments can then be used in the following iterations.


How to benefit from user research with us

  • Neutral attitude – we don’t have too many assumptions about product features and use.
  • Curiosity – we are open to everything new.
  • The ability to position ourselves at the user’s level – this way we can understand what is fundamentally at stake.