Design team

Christian asks good questions both from customers and from his own group. If you accept the facts and still manage to change perspectives, you often have access to the essentials. In Muodonmuutos, the work culture is to share knowledge and create new insights, and Christian’s job is to help team designers and customers to keep up smooth and productive work.

Outside of work, Christian is, among other things, a long-time Vespa enthusiast.

Petri Timonen

industrial designer

Petri has the company’s most extensive experience, especially in ergonomics related to protective equipment. Long and demanding projects require conscientiousness and concentration, which Petri certainly has. Equally, he has the ability to question matters and think from outside the box. When the habit of envisioning something new is combined with an understanding of mechanics, the outcome is very feasible and fluent.

Outside work, Petri is interested in information technology and builds his own 3D printers. In addition, he relaxes by focusing on sharp shooting.

Janne Jaakkola

industrial designer

Janne is the company’s most experienced designer with injection moulding products, with over 100 finished products. Janne also has strong experience in user interface design. A cool calm and analytical attitude to the crossfire of different demands helps Janne focus on the essentials. The ability to concentrate often also produces completely new insights.

In his free time, Janne adventures on skis, boards and two wheels, with and without an engine.

Jaakko Saari

industrial designer

Jaakko finds the possibilities of design, even in tight constraints. With a few dashes, he illustrates the essence of the matter and draws the new outlines. Jaakko is an amazing combination of a creative designer who at the same time takes into account the requirements of industrial manufacturing. Jaakko has worked in demanding machine projects, cabin design and boats.

Outside of working hours, Jaakko’s calendar is filled with his children’s hobbies and one enduro motorbike.

Vesa Korjus

industrial designer

Vesa is a wide-ranging experienced professional in design. Vesa has worked in both creative concept design and long-term design and production. Experience can be found in both consumer products and industrial products for professional use. A determined way of working can be seen both in his work and in keeping to schedules.

Vesa, who has an athlete background, is also active in his free-time, taking care of his kids and enjoying various sports activities

Jyri Honkanen

industrial designer

The background of the company’s newest designer can be found in the gaming world. Jyri has ten years of experience in game development and could rightly be called the company’s digital native. His extensive experience in different programs and the ability to adopt new 3D software can easily be applied to conceptualization, design and VR development.

In addition to fitness, the digital world is also part of Jyri’s leisure time, for example, in designing his own speed game.