Good design is not only about high-quality aesthetics, but it affects many levels. Cost-effective productivity and smooth assembly are essential factors in commercially successful products and for us, one of the hallmarks of good design.

Design suggestions are based on realism

We take productivity into account from the very first drafts and concepts. We don’t design pipe dreams that are impossible to make – or whose production is so expensive that the product will surely flop. When, on the basis of the design proposal, the question arises: “How and where to manufacture?”, we will be able to respond. With our comprehensive subcontracting contacts, we can find suitable materials, production techniques and manufacturers for the product.

Problem solving without excessive compromises

Design and product development work could often be described as problem solving and the coordinating of conflicting requirements. New features are desired in products and, at the same time, there are demands to reduce manufacturing costs. Over the past thirty years, we have been involved in a wide range of design and product development projects. With our experience, we can often find a solution to the problem, for example, in manufacturing methods or materials that are not necessarily very familiar to our clients.


We bring our clients, subcontractors and component manufacturers together, and we are supportive and interpretive as selected solutions are developed to be production-friendly. We work with subcontractors to ensure that suitable files, models, cutting lines and materials will be used in production to produce exactly the desired product.