Service design builds comprehensive customer satisfaction

A satisfied customer is one of the most important goals of long-term business. Understanding the user’s needs is a basic prerequisite for good product design, as well as for the development of services.

What does a customer need, what would they want? How do they act to meet their needs? If the experience associated with using the product is in order, the quality and functionality of the related services is the next level in which to ensure customer satisfaction.

The path to satisfaction is multi-step

The path affecting customer satisfaction begins from the very moment they develop a need or desire and they start to find out how and where to gain access to a machine or product that meets their needs. After the acquisition, training and maintenance services, spare parts sales or other post-marketing may enter the picture. If something goes wrong, the way in which a complaint is handled, in particular, leaves a lasting memory of the product or company

Planning services on a needs-basis

The smooth running of services is of paramount importance if you aim for a positively distinctive and memorable customer experience. The development of services begins with observing the route that the client takes from the first idea to the use of the service. When a route is documented, its stumbling blocks or development targets are easier to detect. A test group can be selected from users that follows the same route and support for observations can be obtained by interviewing the participants. By brainstorming together, solutions can be developed for problem areas and their functionality is tested by using agile methods with test designs and prototypes.

Based on the feedback received, we and our clients can develop more functional services that meet the actual user needs. A satisfied customer is a returning customer.