Product development is an agile way to improve a product

Product development improves the properties of a product that is already in production or even new. Product development ensures that the product is competitive in terms of its features, other than just its external design.

Benefits of product development:

  1. Advanced functionality – possibility of a re-launch
  2. Improved usability – user experience, customer satisfaction
  3. Easier serviceability – increased reliability
  4. More sustainable – reputational benefit
  5. Qualitatively better – e.g. more measurable, with a better feel (manufacturing material or surface quality)
  6. Easier manufacturing and faster assembly – margin

Product development is a natural part of product design

Muodonmuutos can provide you with product development services together with industrial design. This way, your project is easier to manage, and you won’t need to connect a lot of people who need project management and work separately. Together with our partners, we can also provide FEM Analyses and other services that require engineering expertise.


Product development methods

Workshops and brainstorming meetings

At workshops, we brainstorm different solutions together with the client’s product development team. In this way, we can combine both flighty ideas and the customer’s in-depth know-how alongside the needs and wishes of end-users. Professionals responsible for production and marketing may be involved, which will allow different perspectives and needs to be utilised in the guidance of ideas. In our experience, shared ideas tend to refine, which is why joint brainstorming meetings with our clients are excellently effective events. Workshops and meetings are arranged as free-form sessions of a few hours in length.


Conceptualisation can be freely based on a commission in which the client requests a proposal to improve a product. The task may also be more strictly specified and development ideas are sought for, for example, better assemblability or durability. We carry out the conceptualization as an in-house workshop, which gives us efficient use of the experience and brainstorming capabilities of the entire staff. The ideas in the concept sketches are reviewed together with the client and the most useful for further development are extracted from them.

Product development with us is agile and profitable. The modelling of a new idea in our proto studio enables quick testing and feedback on the usefulness of the idea. Our extensive experience in products, materials and manufacturing methods in different fields helps to solve even the most difficult problems for the client.