Future Concepts – future visions for the next market leaders

The future comes by itself, but only visionaries are able to influence its direction. The company’s visions and common goals weld the organization and teams together. Far-reaching targets will facilitate the layout of the steps in the near future, including in product development.

We will create the future with you.

At Muodonmuutos, we help to perceive the future by visualising that which does not yet have a form. We will brainstorm, dream and reason with you concerning what the future will look like for you. The final output is summarised as concept illustrations that show the visual and functional direction of the products. The development target may also be intangible, such as the service you provide. The level of visualization can range from anything from simple manual drafts to impressive 3D modelling.

So why invest in visualization of the future?

First of all, visualizations can be used to support marketing. It’s much more impressive to present handsome images of how your company sees the future as, than to merely describe future products as being streamlined, agile or modifiable. Concepts attract attention and communicate a strong and forward-looking company. The hype created by futuristic concepts creates a buzz at a trade fair stand or website and also helps to market a current product range.

Visualizations can also be used internally within the company. Based on illustrations, it is easier to discuss the direction in which products are to be developed. Should the future look like this, or should we look for another direction? This way, ideas and thoughts can still be churned out after a project.



We have conceptualized, e.g.:

Rock drilling equipment and their operating principles

  •  Our global client had convened engineers from different units and from around the world with the aim of innovating new products. Our designers were involved in brainstorming and illustrating “live” the ideas of the engineers in visual form. The ideas were drawn on the spot as preliminary sketches. After the innovation days, the images were then completed and compiled into a presentation.
  • At a second brainstorming event, the participants were divided into teams that brainstormed given topics from different perspectives. We got involved in the teams, and brainstormed together with our client’s staff. We drew principle images while brainstorming, and after the event we illustrated and drew up clean ideas.

Mining methods and systems

  • Our clients have visionaries in the field on their payroll, with whom we have had the pleasure of playing about with stunning future prospects and also bringing design thinking to the development of methods. We have illustrated numerous ideas and entities for different purposes.

Forestry machinery

  • We have designed, for example, a walking forest machine. Design concepts were presented as images and miniature models before the selected concept was carried out in operating machines.
  • Our customer, a market leader in their field, commissioned us to provide a view on the design of a forestry machine of the future. The concept also involved brainstorming and envisioning structural solutions for cabins, booms, bunks, and axles. The work was implemented as sketch drawings, rendered images and a scale model.

Forest machinery controls and logging methods

  •  We organised a workshop for our client in order to innovate future logging methods and forest machine controls. The work acted as an inspiration and an initial impetus for the next generation of UI development.


Systems and functions related to container transportation

  • We participated in an innovation workshop organized by our customer, in which new solutions for the transfer and handling of containers were brainstormed. The ideas were presented as sketch drawings and with the help of rough scale models that illustrated the principle solutions. Our designers facilitated the building of ideas and designs by bringing a range of model materials, tools, and drawing materials to facilitate quick work. Based on our previous cooperation, the customer expected fresh insights from Muodonmuutos, the questioning of existing solutions and thinking outside the box.