What’s the use of beautiful design? Why are we passionate about design? We know that people naturally value beauty, regardless of age, gender and education. As professionals, our eyes simply hurt when seeing ugly design.

Aesthetics play a major role in our environment. Imagine a view with an excavator working at the site. Would you rather look at an ugly machine or a well-designed one? What about the machine operator’s point of view, which machine would they prefer to work with? How does an attractive machine fleet affect the recruitment of an earthmoving company? Can the company raise the interest of the best employees with equipment that looks outdated?

Good design is an essential part of brand building and, especially in the machinery and professional equipment business, we see a great opportunity here. As a machine manufacturer, you will certainly want to compete for more than just price, so you need to convince the buyer of the features and quality of your product. First impressions can only be made once, and the exterior of the machine is the most significant factor. A thoughtful exterior signals quality. If the machine looks raw, you have a lot of work to do to convince customers that your product is technically of high quality and advanced.
Are you manufacturing machines? Muodonmuutos designs high-quality impressions.

Ergonomics is efficiency

The efficiency of a machine creates a starting point, but in the end the driver’s performance and coping bring the results.
Is the cabin quiet and designed so that the operator of the machine can see into the scoop and pit without stretching? Is ergonomics at a level where it is fine to use the joystick hour after hour and day after day, accurately and tirelessly? The symbols on the controls must be intuitive, so that their use is internalised as if by itself without having to read an entire manual.
We create efficient ergonomics.


With design, the exterior and usability of a machine can be set right. How do you make sure a machine doesn’t become too expensive to manufacture? Industrial design is a one-off cost, but when used correctly, it pays for itself, many times over. We always look at things as entities. The new part may be more expensive to manufacture than the old one, but savings are gained from the assembly time, structural simplification or logistics. The economic aspect is always part of our work.
The core of our expertise is to increase the market value of your product through aesthetics, ergonomics and manufacturability.