The Sandvik Ranger DXi represents a new generation of surface drilling equipment whose features enhance the drilling process. Efficiency is increased by, for example, a new cabin, which is ergonomic, quiet and spacious.

Muodonmuutos has been involved in designing a new generation of equipment – from the first concepts to the production. The new Ranger DXi has been designed to be the most efficient in its class from the very beginning, and the design has also been aimed at enabling the user to operate tirelessly, ergonomically and in a comfortable environment.

The layout of the new iCab cabin is built around the operator. The cabin is spaciously sized, the operator and trainer are equipped with the best possible facilities and it is safe and easy to get into the cabin thanks to the large door, resulting from the tilted front window. Visibility is excellent and the maintaining of good working conditions has also been made effortless: air conditioning filters are well accessible and the floor of the cabin can be easily cleaned thanks to a doorway without thresholds. The upholstery materials in the cab have been selected to withstand challenging working conditions.

A 1:1 mock-up model was created of the cabin during the design process. It enabled users and experts to realistically assess the ergonomics, facilities and visibility areas at a very early stage and to steer the design in the right direction. The model also served as a platform for the project group’s brainstorming and planning meetings and reviews. Controls could also be designed and evaluated in a genuine operating environment.

Far-reaching design is also reflected in the efficiency of production. The covers of the machines consist of modular parts that can be used in machines of different sizes. The same base part is edged and fitted with apertures, according to the needs of the machine type. The production volume of the parts increases and the investments can be utilised throughout the model range. The finished and impressive look is in line with the performance of the device.

The new Ranger DXi is the first outcome of a new generation of smart devices, where performance and the form language of the new generation meet.