Elematic’s hollow-core slab extruder has world-leading casting technology at its core. The machine can be used to produce hollow-core slabs at a higher quality and faster rate than with other manufacturers’ equipment. The idea of using design in the appearance of the machine originally started with the need to better convey this message to potential buyers. At first glance, unequivocally and convincingly. From the concept proposals created by Muodonmuutos, an impressive version was chosen to highlight the machine’s operating principle. The decision was a good one, the customers noticed the machine and were convinced.

However, the effect of the design was not only at the level of attention value and appearance, but in cooperation with Elematic, the machine was also designed to be easy to maintain, quiet and safe to use. The machine has since been developed further, and the design has also followed the development. The basic form of the machine has remained the same, but the new generation is distinguished by colours and details.

Elematic’s design was used to differentiate and make the brand easily recognizable. The target was successful, and the machine became a success both in design and commercially.

Muodonmuutos Oy has been designing Elematic casting machines and other process-related equipment for over 25 years.