The 220XSE is Dinolift’s all-terrain moonwalker MEWP with a three-person basket and counterweight.

It is also the first in the collection to have a goods handling feature thanks to forklift forks placed under the basket.

One of the goals of the design work was to find a cost-effective way to produce the covers of the machine. In the case of the 220XSE, a composite material is used that is both lightweight and durable. During a single manufacturing process, the parts also get a finished surface and the desired colour. In addition to composite parts, Muodonmuutos was responsible for the design of the cast iron counterweight, as well as a few vacuum-moulded parts and sheet metal parts. The basket features a control panel designed previously by Muodonmuutos.

The objective of the design work was to integrate a new type of device into the existing Dinolift product family, while subtly renewing the design language. In close cooperation with Dinolift’s team and in dialogue with subcontractors, we designed an MEWP that combines appropriate design and sensible manufacturability.